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How God's Forgiveness Transformed Tribal Enemies

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The book is straightforward and beautifully written. It's a page-turner. I was staggered and rebuked, helped and cheered by the steadfast faithfulness of this humble (I'm sure they would say merely ordinary) couple. Read it!
  Elisabeth Elliot

Frank Drown, a man of indomitable spirit and in icon of modern day missions, writes the intriguing account of experiences as a pioneer missionary in the jungles of Ecuador.  Frank and Marie's story is one of God-given vision and undaunted perseverance.  It is an incredible story of how God used this midwest American couple who had simply responded to His call.  As a result, an unreached people has been transformed for His glory.
  Dr. Jean Barsness
      Missions Consultant and Educator

We don't often discover a book which is at the same time interesting, instructive and inspiring.  This updated version of Mission to the Headhunters includes all these elements.  I've witnessed Frank and Marie Drown in action for more than forty years, having served as missionary contemporary in the same country, Ecuador.  They tell a very true and glorious story of God working through them and their co-workers to bless and lift a needy people.  All of us may profit from reading this missionary epic.
  Dr Abraham C NacDerPur
      Former President of HCJB/WorldRadio, Quito , Ecuador

Fifty-five years ago Frank and Marie Drown began their mission to the headhunters of eastern Ecuador.  They endured the hardships of jungle living.  They overcame the hostilities of a primitive people.  They raised a family to serve God.  What an incredible sorty of the Lord building His church...Their work continues today!  Don't miss reading about this challenge of the century!
  Dr. Carl McMindes
      President, Avant Ministries, Kansas City, Missouri

Few people know missions from the inside out the way Frank and Marie Drown do.  After all, they've lived a great deal of missionary history, and in the process, had a significant impact for Christ.  Mission to the Headhunters captures their commitment and passion for reaching a lost world with the Gospel.  The message of this book is greatly needed by today's generation
  Dr. Don Hawkins
      Back to the Bible Broadcast
      President of Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, Alabama

As a young child, I saw jungle headhunters changed into true disciples of Christ before my very eyes.  This wonderful book tells the story.  The events recorded here were used by the same Christ to change my own life -- forever.
  Ross Drown
      Son of Frank and Marie Drown and Former Missionary Pilot with
      Mission Aviator Fellowship in Central America

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